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A story of A DREAM

Narvica was a concept derived from the founder eager spirit for travelling. With ventures around Asia, Pacific Islands and North America as well as our very own backyard — Australia.

Whilst on the travelling bug, we knew how important self care was. Whether it was trying to go for a walk, yoga or reading a book, meditation - we knew it was important.

Narvica Soy Candles was born with the excitement of discovering unfamiliar scents in street markets, enchanting gardens and local bakeries, all of which would later on inspire the need to share the experience with the rest of the world through fragrances.

Our scented candles are all proudly hand poured in San Jose CA, using 100% premium natural and non-toxic soy wax. We are passionate in providing the best quality scented soy candles in addition to ensuring long shelf-life so you can enjoy our candles longer. 

Narvica Beauty Care was inspired by the lifestyle we we're personally living (Monday - Friday), maintaining a job, friendships, family-bonding and most importantly feeling confident in the skin we we're in. Our founder personally went on a weight loss journey that we personally wanted to share with women who weren't confident in their bodies.  So we got into study and research about the science and physics of how body sculpting and conturing work and how this was a solutions that didn't really hurt our back pocket financially. 

As a brand that is only finding its place in the market, our focus to improve and evolve is imperative which is why the love and support from our customers means a great deal to us.

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