Our Narvica vests are one of the most comfortable garments you’ll ever wear, A MUST HAVE item, a staple piece - perfect for everybody! Sizes up to 6XL *PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY*


This stunning piece is perfect for all body types, made from premium fabric to give your body that extra support & compression around your back & stomach area!


Similar to our Narvica waist trainer, our Narvica Vest has the same styling finish with the double Velcro belts. The belts are designed to support your back & help with posture control.


The Narvica Vest is designed with wide straps which helps relieve back pain, reduce back pressure and protect the back of your spine. 



Fabric composition: 96% cotton 4% spandex 100% latex 
Internal: 7 Steel bones
Durable 2 belt Velcro 

Suitable for daily wear. It can also wear in aerobics, such as walking and running &

Garment care:
Using a warm damp cloth little bit of soap and lightly clean the inside liner
Turn waist trainer over to the latex side and gently wipe. Let garment air dry on a flat surface Once garment is dry, fold to keep its structure.
- Do Not Iron
- Do Not Soak
- Do Not Twist
- Do Not put in Washer/Dryer
- Do Not Bleach

Narvica Vest Waist Trainier

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$72.00Sale Price